Modulation en Zone Pavillonnaire

Modulation en Zone Pavillonnaire (MZP) is an outdoor artwork that associate micro-radio, long-range sound (through horns) and web broadcast.

MZP is an instrument, it hybrids three sound transmission techniques and extends to the scale of the site (natural or architectural) which becomes its sounding board;

MZP is both a devise, a performance, a relational aesthetic experience. It transforms the usual relationships between musicians, listeners, landscape and displacement.

MZP is developed in a first step at la Ferme du Faï, after the pointorg meeting. A second stage of development will build on this experience for the manufacture of a mobile horn, so as to complete the technical device.

Project is born from meeting of the artists that initiale pointorg, linking radio and stream pratiques, sensivity to natural landscapes and atypical and unformatted contexts. Modulation en Zone Pavillonnaire is directly inspired by Modulation, Hybridized with other forms of sound transmission..

It is this instrument and this situation that we propose to explore musically, esthetically, and humanely, in its first form, at Faï.

Schema of instrument : MZP Transmission paths

Exemple of two operators playing in echolocation

Mobile horn

Pavillon démonté

Pavillon assemblé avec pieds

Construction of the instrument

Pavillon in situation

MZP is proposed by Julien Clauss, Emma Loriaut, Sarah Brown, Marika Dermineur, Karen Dermineur, Michèle Lision. Coproduction : Cycliq / Désert Numérique, supported by π-node (association Circulaire), la ferme du Faï (association Villages des Jeunes), and La Montagne qui Chante