Talk on monday July 17

Let's gather around a table to discuss about what's following

What to do together?
Meetings, residency, conference cycle, a side step, an holidays camp for artist in need of greenery, a self participatory artistic event, relational aesthetics…

How to gather?
By setting up a cooperative, a SCOP, a friendly artist-organizer of Mittle-Europa, an association of association, cartel, trust…

About what?
Gathering knowledges and know-how around a common project Learning how to get funds to gather again Asking ourselves about archives and memory in order to inspire each others by each experience: how to share this week experience and coordinate to make new meetings in the same spirit?

To go on and spread…

Let's meet on monday July 17 in the meeting room at Ferme du Faï.

This talk will be broadcasted by stream, a report will be on the website later.

We can make lunch together, there's an outside pizza oven at Faï, everybody brings appropriate ingredients.

This who don't want to cook can call Faï, a week before, to order a meal: 04 92 58 07 07, coordination.lefai[at]gmail.com